Is that considered sharing?

“….And then you take the alligator, open its mouth, and insert your fingers, just like this….” 

“Whoa there Bro.  Not a good plan.  Check out the teeth on that creature.  Don’t do it.”

“Ouch!  He bit my finger!  Blasted cold-blooded flesh eater chomped a digit.  My finger has been amputated by an aligator mississippiensis, (not to be confused, by some younger, less informed diaper wearing siblings, with animals from the crocodylinae subfamily of reptiles.)”

“I hate to say I told you so, Einstein, but I TOLD YOU SO!  SheeSH!  Some unnamed individuals, of the tantrum prone age, should listen to good advice.  From the mouth of babes, as they say.”

“…And then the deadly specimen projectile poos the severed digit deep into your ear drum, significantly impairing your ability to hear me say “HA HA HA”. 

“Something tells me that I’ve been had.  Again.” 


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