Tea, for two, and two for tea…

Nothing like a picnic in the fresh air.  These gals were living it up right on the sidewalk.  I do admire their picnic spirit and attention to detail.  Both hot and cold refreshments are covered with the cooler and thermos.  Notice the portable wicker chair and table, complete with checked table-cloth.

But I am a tad confused.

The penchant for elaborate picnic set-ups within arms reach of moving traffic is uniquely Spanish.  But, these gals have proper tea cups with them.  I may be rusty on my northern stereotypes, but that smacks of British to me.  The Spanish would have a litre of Cruzcampo and a few dozen relatives to share it with.

What’s your guess.  Spanish tea tottlers waiting for their dependant adult children, or British ladies who love the smell of exhaust?

Just tea for two
And two for tea…

And a shout out to Mafia Mom Dawn for the photo.



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