More recipes from the condemned kitchen

“Today, I, Master Chef Yago, am going to demonstrate one of my favorite recipes.”

“First, you take a pan full of crusty, leftover pasta that has been sitting on the stove since lunch.”

“Then you add the freshly washed fruits and vegetables that Mom has been preparing for the last half hour.  My favorite combination with crusty pasta uses a base of  peach, pear, and tomato.”

“Add some cucumber, then pile some beans on top.  You really want to squish as much as possible into the pan.  Be sure it all comes into contact with the crusty old pasta.  The goal here is to make as big a mess as possible.”

“Just like that.  A nice mountain of precariously piled produce.  Now, give it a good strong stir.  Be sure those beans fly everywhere.” 

And if you hear an adult coming, be sure to jump down quickly and shout, ‘WHO ME?'”


  1. Or as Darius would yell….INNOCENT!!! I do have a recipe in one of my canning recipe books for Tomato and Peach Salsa….I’m sure a little beans and cukes would go nicely with it!!!! LOL good job Yago!

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