These are the people in my neighbourhood

It’s no Sesame Street.

In the foreground we have a quartet of people I absolutely adore.  Let’s give them a fancy photo treatment so they stand out.

The blonde head is Yago of course.  He’s dodging dog poo with his best buds David, Alberto and my only neighbour-friend,  Sonia.  This is what I love best about our neighbourhood.  It’s a tight-knit community and the streets are full of life.  The days here are predictable.  I always pass the same characters going about their routines.  It’s interesting and colorful.

Maybe a little too colorful.

For example, the quartet in the background.  I don’t adore them quite so much.  So let’s give them another fancy photo treatment so they fade away into the background.  Basically, I Photoshop them with my mind  every time I go outside.

Sharing liter sized beers and rolling hash cigarettes at the playground.

They’re harmless.  They wave and say hi to the kids.  We don’t live in a “Bad” part of town.

The guy on the right sells lottery tickets.  We have the same conversation every day.  When he spots me he marches over, sticks his face 2 inches away and yells,

“Come on lady, just buy a ticket, would ya”.

To which I reply drily, “No.  Never.” 

Forgetting that we have had this conversation every day for three years he says, “Not even one?”

Right on cue I say, “No.” 

They he huffs and puffs and marches off to the next person and yells in their face,

“Hey Mister, Come on, dude, just buy one.”

Then he stops for a drink and smoke with whomever is currently drinking and smoking at the playground.

These vignettes are the background of my life here.  When I leave the house in the morning I expect to see someone drinking on the steps.  I know the playground will be full of dog crap and garbage.  This is now my normal.

Do I want my kids to think this is normal?



  1. I hear ya – especially about the dog crap – the Spanish need some pooper scoopers! We play “dodge the dog crap” on the way to school. The litter is something else, along with the drinking and the smoking … so far from my normal …

  2. Well I will say the amount of dog crap in Buenos Aires makes Malaga look pure as fresh fallen snow. ha ha… We pooper scooper obsessed North!

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