El Camino de Santiago

This photo of Río with Rogelio’s walking pole reminded me of  “El Camino de Santiago” (The Way of Saint James.)   The Camino is an ancient pilgrimage to the Cathedral in Santiago.  In 2005 I walked the 830 kilometers from the French/Spanish border in the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean.   It’s a near and dear subject for me.  The Camino brought me to Spain, to Rogelio, and ultimately, to my boys Yago and Río, who are both named for it.  Yago is short for Santiago.

When Rogelio suggested we watch “The Way”, a movie about The Camino,  I wasn’t keen.  Hollywood has butchered many a favorite book, I didn’t want to see my favorite trip turned into an exploding car chase too.  I relented, poured a glass of wine, and was pleasantly surprised.  We saw the first images of the Pyrenees mountains and were instantly hooked.

It’s not a great film.  But I loved it.  It refrains from unnecessary Hollywood drama and lets the landscape, characters and spirit of the walk shine.  It’s worth 2 hours of your time if the idea of walking 800 kilometers across northern Spain appeals to you.

It brought the Camino and its lessons back to life for me:

Keep moving.  All possessions are weight on your shoulders.  The moment is everything.  You can’t go wrong with a little wine and a lot of fresh air.

Buen Camino.

(Puente La Reina on our honeymoon)



  1. Just watched it. Beautifully filmed. Loved it. Have put this walk on our list of things to do in life ~ only good can come of it. Thanks!
    P.S. Madrid Christmas lights on my blog today incase you need a dose of dazzle!

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