Little Bo Peep ‘n the hood.

This Thanksgiving I’m reflecting upon oddities that I appreciate about my neighbourhood.  Sometimes I’m hard on this little corner of the universe.  But it does have a lot to be thankful for.  This week alone it has provided me with several sights I never experienced back in Canada.  For example:

  • Senior citizens jogging in their Speedos.
  • A Drivers Ed car (driven by the instructor) parked randomly in the middle of a four lane traffic circle.
  • A group of singing dumpster divers.
  • And a lamb eating garbage on our busy street.

I remind you what my neighbourhood looks like:   nine story, high-rise apartments with bars and bakeries on the ground floor, heavy traffic, and just a stone’s throw away from one of Europe’s busiest container ports.

Not exactly pastoral hills.

This little lamb demonstrates nature’s power of adaptation.  The lamb has adapted to city life and I’ve adapted to seeing him.  A guy walking his pet sheep through my high density neighbourhood and I haven’t blogged about it before?  I’m so used to this stuff now that it seemed like a yawner.    I don’t even have any decent photos.  It was only when I saw Mr. Bo-Peep without his sheep, then heard him whistle at little lamb to use the cross walk that I realized I was beholding a sight to be thankful for.

The sheep lives in a garage in my in-law’s building.  His Bo Peep takes him for leisurely strolls through the neighbourhood in the afternoon.  I imagine them stopping at the bank, chatting with passing neighbours, having a coffee, but in reality I think they just walk and munch on garbage.  The lamb that is.

Word on the street is that he is fattening him up for Eid al Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) on November 6th.

I’ll let you know.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian peeps!


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