3000 Viviendas, but not all with asses.

My neighbourhood urban lamb reminds me of another movie about Spain.  “Poligono Sur” is a documentary about a rough neighbourhood in Seville called Las Tres Mil Viviendas  (The 3000 houses.)

One of the families keeps a donkey in their third floor apartment.  You can see it at minute 2:36 of the trailer.

Sorry, if you don’t speak Spanish the trailer isn’t much use to you.   But the music gives a taste of what Rogelio calls “Deep Flamenco”.  The images alone depict life on the margins of urban, Spanish society.  The premise of the film is that Flamenco music is the only route out of Tres Mil Viviendas.  This social housing mega project has produced some of Spain’s finest Flamenco artists, along with generations of Gitanos isolated from their roots and mired in drugs and delinquency. There reigns a culture and rule of law that outsiders aren’t privy to.

The movie “The Way” in my post about El Camino de Santiago contains a gypsy party scene that attempts to emulate and romanticise what you see in this documentary.   But I doubt Martin Sheen would venture into 3000 Viviendas.


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