The Beach Boys

It was a lovely 28 degrees in Algeciras today, folks.  Today being October 13th!  What a stellar day.  28 degrees in June is nothing to write home about.  But in October it felt like we won the weather lottery.

So we busted out the sunscreen and took the plastic shovels for one more spin.  Torreguadiaro beach in the morning.  A quick lunch stop and SPF re-lube, then we transferred to Getares beach until sun down. A fantastic day all around, made sweeter by the below zero temperatures I see on the Canadian weather channel.

Is it bad form to say, “na na, na na NA na”


Good weather taunting karma bit back when I tried to capture all the wonderful on camera.

“What a gorgeous evening.  Nice light too.  Come on, Yago.  Let’s take a group picture.  We’ll capture this beautiful family moment!”

“Now that is a lovely smile!  Too bad you’re sitting on your brother’s head and his screams are piercing my ear drums.   But good effort.  Let’s try another.”

“Great, everyone together, now look this way.  No, at the camera, not my boobs.   Damn.  Río is convinced he will starve to death if I don’t feed him in this exact moment.  That’s the problem with the bikini top.  Encourages fast food bingeing.”

“Ah ha!  Caught you both.  Now, look at the camera and look happy.  Damn it.”

“Well, that was a “%$”@ disaster.  Still no picture.  Having fun is great.  Looking like you are having fun is bloody exhausting.”

( “Hey!  Are you looking at my tits?  Look away, my friend.  Look away.  These puppies have had a rough couple years and retirement is still a few years off.  I think my tits are having a mid-life crisis.” )

Well, If you can’t beat’em, feed’em.”


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  1. But hey, least you have boobies, some might even call them Winnebagos now, and they apparently do their job well. Maybe you should ask Victoria what her secret is…I did once, she told me to piss off. Very negative results…

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