First we take Manhatten, then we take a nap.

It was a busy news day today.  Gaddafi, ETA, plus the usual run-of-the-mill economic meltdowns.  All that to muse on but I chose this:

That’s Leonard Cohen receiving his Prince of Asturias award.  Yahoo for you, Leonard!

He’s looking old.  In other photos of today’s ceremony he’s crying, clearly touched.  Or, maybe he’s just tired,  like me.

I’m tired of dictators and terrorists and banks and bad news. Even though dead dictators and paraplegic terrorist movements are sold to us as good news.  Personally, I’d be more uplifted if I discovered some coins between the couch cushions.

So if you’re looking for me, I’ll be enjoying a glass of wine and re-posting cute cat photos on the internet.   Leonard will be droning on in the background.  Not that he’s a particularly cheerful fellow but it’s a nice change from Fox news clips from Facebook.

Have a good weekend!



  1. It’s funny you should mention the couch cushions. I went looking for my phone in the couch cushions today, and was amazed by all the stuff that’s in there. Pencils, hairbands, toy cars, MONEY (woohoo!), a battery, two of my business cards, cornnuts, the obligatory popcorn. The list goes on! I’d like to say I cleaned it up, but I just picked out the money and put the cushions back on.

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