You can take a hoser to the fire hall but you can’t make her think.

A boy’s love of fire fighters seems to be universal.  What’s the special quality that makes the firefighter such an iconic figure?  Fireman as mythical hero?  Rescuer of cute cats?  Featured beef cake on many a calendar?

No idea.  But Spanish boys seem to love them just as much as Canadian kids.

Imagine the excitement when our neighbour invited us on a private visit to the new fire hall.  Jose Antonio is tight with the Fire Chief and my boys were happy to tag along.

Sonia and I thought it might be kind of interesting too.

Alas, they did not make this calendar in Algeciras.

We happily followed Chief Carlos and his very normal looking crew around the installation, (secretly hoping the hot guys were having a shower or something). 

The boys, big and little,  were into the STUFF.

Papi, I want to see the firefighting equipment.  Trucks, hoses, cars, axes… where do they keep the good stuff?”

“Not the busted up cars. Let’s head over THERE!”

“Come on!  The trucks are in here!”

“Hey Yago do you see any fire men over there?”

“Nope.  Just trucks.  Hurry up!”

Chief Carlos was kind enough to show and explain the fancy new trucks, equipment, hoses, tools, even the kitchen.  You name it, we saw it.  Except the hot guys.

We explored every inch of that place.

“Over here, Mommy.  Here’s another truck!”

…… “Any hot, shirtless men behind it?  Nope.”

“And another truck, come on Mommy, let’s look at this one!”

…..”Where the “%#@ do they keep the hot shirtless men around this joint?

Earth to Mommy:  This is a family outing.  So let’s get on with the mandatory child in fire truck picture.

Then the mandatory Mom being stupid photo.

“Don’t scream, it’s just me.”

Note to self:  During family excursions don’t make kids cry or creep around public showers.

Because, is it just me, or there is something really disturbing about this photo?

That’s just wrong, people.


We all learned a ton about the work and life of firefighters.  Carlos was extremely generous with his time and information.  The boys loved it.  And we got out of there without breaking anything.

Best of all, we were on site when a call came in.

The bell rang and in no time, pants and shoes came off (quick wink to Sonia regarding some cute boxer shorts).  Lickity split they jumped into heavy suits and boots.   They were in the truck and off before we had even located all our children.

And, there they go.

Río didn’t care.

But all that talk of hoses encouraged the little firemen to check their equipment.



  1. Lovely, you made me smile! And thanks for lovely pics of babywearing and bf a toddler – always good to “meet” like-minded multilingual folks 🙂

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