Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so full of sand

It’s hard to complain about the Mediterranean climate.  But I do. All that wonderful heat and sunshine can wear on you!

Yesterday the first  fall rain finally arrived.  Rather than curse the change I did  the happy dance.

There must be a scientific, atmospheric explanation, but a good rain knocks the tension level back a couple notches.  Negative ions and whatnot.  One good rain washed away a summer’s worth of dry urine in the corners of my neighbourhood.  Little sprouts of green magically, and instantaneously, appeared.  It even knocked back the grime on my dusty windows.

When the sun re-appeared we were ready to take on all that tiresome good weather again.  But don’t feel too sorry for us.  It’s actually very fun to pick sand out of your ears while reading snow references on Facebook.

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