Captain Kirk is on fire!

Canadian Thanksgiving came and went and I didn’t pull together a traditional turkey dinner.   My good intentions of turkey aromas wafting from a hot oven were happily squashed by beach weather and cold salads.

Since American Thanksgiving is approaching, (and no one in Spain would know the difference), my dream of roast turkey and all the trimmings is back on the table, so to speak.

Americans and Canadians both love their turkey with trimmings, topped off with pie, preferably pumpkin in my case.  Which begs the question, just what is the difference between Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving?

You separate the Yanks from the Canucks by date and reason.  American Thanksgiving revolves around pilgrims on the fourth Thursday of November.  Canadian Thanksgiving is all about the harvest and as such is celebrated on the second Monday of October.  Because after that date it’s too bloody cold to dig vegetables out of the ground.

According to the CBC, Americans have also embraced deep-fried turkey to an extent that Canada hasn’t achieved.

So how ironic that William Shatner, a Canadian, is considered the expert on deep-fried turkey safety.  And you thought he only knew how to fly a Starship.

Thank goodness, William Shatner has seen the light, thrown out the turkey fryer, and returned to his Canadian, turkey-roasting roots.

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