Not how I planned to spend my Saturday, but…

Do you want to lose weight and improve your fitness level?  Are you hoping to add a little excitement to your life?

I have just the answer!

Find your husband and son locked in the elevator of your nine story building during a power outage.  That will spice up your life.

Rogelio called from the elevator to report their predicament.  As usual, I had exactly 30 seconds worth of battery on my cell phone, just enough to receive the state of the nation, not enough to ask what floor they were near.  Of course, no phone charging or using a land line since the power was down.   I grabbed Río and set off into the stairwell.

And so begun the fitness portion of the adventure.  Up and down the nine floors yelling at closed elevator doors.  Then up and down again, canvasing the neighbours to see who had the time, smarts and strength to bust my family out.  The elevator company was a no-go.  They already were attending 20 other calls of stranded people.

Clearly there are business opportunities here…… elevator rescue professionals? Back up power systems? Sherpas for the stair climbing, anxious mothers?

Up and down the nine flights I went, carrying my 8.5 kilo baby, knocking on doors, finding keys, up again, shouting down to Rogelio, down again, talking to more neighbours, climbing more stairs.  Of course it was the  Antonios who came to the rescue.  Jose Antonio, Antonio and Antonio located the necessary equipment and muscled open the door to the service area.  They began the arduous task of manually lowering the car.  Luckily, the power came back on while they were sweating it out.

I continued my journey up and down the nine flights, trying to figure out where Rogelio and Yago were finally going to appear.  I was worried that Yago would be distraught and scared to be trapped in the dark.

By this time, with not much else for entertainment on a rainy afternoon, all the neighbours were convened in the stairwell to provide advice, cheer on the rescue team and generally make a well-meaning, but completely unhelpful, pandemonium.

So, when after perhaps 45 minutes, Yago and Rogelio did pop out of the elevator, the only thing that scared him was the gaggle of señoras yelling and cheering.  Hanging out in the elevator with Dad, no big deal. Facing a crowd of yelling, kissing Spanish women, that scares the crap out of him every time.

But my legs got a great workout.



  1. Dioss mioooo!!! Que pesadilla, madre mia. Menos mal que despues se rie una, pero en ese momento….

    Cuando nos veamos tienes que contarmelo toto. besos

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