The ‘Schroom Biz

Last night, a dark and stormy night,  Rogelio took a hushed call on his cell phone.  He grabbed the precision scale, (and my innocent first-born son)  and headed off to a dark parking lot to meet two other cars.  Hunkered over their trunks, three scruffy men plus Yago measured, haggled, and did commerce as the storm brewed around them.

What product could be so valuable, immediate and secretive that they had to run out in rain to do business?

Mushrooms!  Did you expect them to be frolicking in the forest with little baskets?  Hell no.  From the parking lot they went to a bar to seal the deal with Rum and Cokes.  Yago had a banana.

My little dealers were so excited that they couldn’t even remove their boots and jackets before climbing on the table to show off their score.

We have contacts in Jimena, prime mushroom territory.  Freshly picked mushrooms can’t sit around, so our source rushed to Algeciras to split the stash between Rogelio and a couple of friends.

Look at this beauty.  It’s a Amanita Caesarea, commonly known as Caesar’s mushroom.

Río looks duly impressed.

And Yago’s favorite?

That’s a lovely little Boletus Aureus, or Porcini mushroom.

And here is the proud Papi showing off his kids dearest mushrooms.  The third type is Macrolepiota Procera, or parasol mushroom.

So today I am making soup base, pasta sauce and a very yummy risotto…..

If you are in Canada and suddenly have a hankering for mushrooms, you must check out Untamed Feast.

That’s  Eric Whitehead, BC’s premier mushroom man, formerly known as my dearest ol’ bud Whitie.

But careful now.  Too many mushrooms can give you Crazy Eye.

Eric’s not the “frolic in the forest with a basket” type either.



  1. BHhahahahaha!!! Those are some good looking shroomies….I personally have tried my hand at wild mushrooms picking this year. I never realized it could be so cool!!! But yes, I did have my wee little basket!

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