I haven’t forgotten about you.

Sorry, but the blog is feeling the effects of sleep deprivation too.  Río is killing me.  He wakes up every hour, waiting for the real party to start at around 4:00am.  The novelty has worn off for everyone but him.    Dude is in cahoots with Dick Chaney and the Guantanamo boys.  If he mentions water boarding I’m outta here.

Regardless, we had a great day today, worthy of a few blog posts, but I’m just too damn tired to write about it.  It started with long-term sleep deprivation symptoms;  bad blogging cognitive problems.

We dragged the kids/lunch/toys ten minutes up to the garage, only to discover that neither of us had thought to bring a car key.  Rogelio turned tail for the key.  Luckily on the way home, he discovered that our car wasn’t even in the garage, we had forgotten it out on the street.

I have forgotten many things, blog readers, but I didn’t forget about you.


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