El Faro – Part 2: It’s a nice place for a white wedding

I wanted to get married here.

Can you picture it?

Hundreds of tea lights twinkling among the ruins.  A gauzy white dress billowing in the wind. A long haired-hippy guitar player perched on the wall.  The bride walking down the crumbling aisle, with the Strait of Gibraltar and Africa behind.

And the whole wall collapsing on my in-lawsI didn’t actually write that, did I?

Alas, the dream wedding did not take place.  I was outmaneuvered by my in-laws and didn’t have any friends or family to back me up.  At the time I lacked the language skills and immigration status required to get my way.

The main issue being, all the people who I didn’t invite, but who showed up anyway, wouldn’t walk the 200 meters.

That’s the only problem with going to El Faro.  I always end up pissed off and with my lip turned up at a bunch of old people who I don’t even know.



  1. do you still have that dress? it’s never too late to walk it again, guitar player and all. i’ll take photos. just a thought…. 🙂 I also adore that spot!!!

    1. Hey Robin, are in Algeciras? Drive to the urbanization “Punto Carnero”. You can see the old Guardia Civil building as you approach. Head down towards the water, but before you get there, take a main road that goes to the right and traverses the whole neighbourhood. When the road stops, you’ll see a fence and gate into the park. You can’t miss it.

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