Croc-O-Dile Dirty

Mindless internet surfing landed me in my fashion comfort zone today.  I found a message board discussing Lululemon yoga pants in Europe.  Comfy travel gear or major faux pas?  The overwhelming response was, “Put some real pants on or face the wrath of the European Fashion Police.”

Such anecdotal evidence is backed up by travel experts.  MSN Travel says Vancouver is the world’s third worst dressed city.   Apparently the problem is too casual and too much cellulite exposure.  They blame this outright on Lululemon.

Full disclosure:  I wear 10-year-old Lululemon pants.   Often.  The neighbours give me disapproving looks but have yet to turn me over to the officials.

Ottawa also made the top ten worst dressed city list but its fashion crime was just plain boredom.

In my limited European experience, it is true that people here dress with much more care and style than us North American slobs.  But I’ve never actually seen the fashion police.

Good thing too.  My pants are worthy of a fine, but they’d arrest me for these shoes.

Real Europeans don’t wear Crocs.

I’ve previously posted pictures of these ugly shoes here and here, if you need further evidence that the internet is the land of drivel.  But here is a little gem of information to justify your mindless internet surfing today.

Europeans don’t wear crusty Crocs, they eat them!

Those Spanish holidays just keep coming so we’ll be away until next week.  I have packed both the ugly pants and the shoes that go with them!


  1. Haha! The fashion police are disguised as little old ladies in France. I was often heckled for wearing my “sporting” shoes to the grocery store!

  2. You’re in the wrong part of Spain. You’d make a fortune selling them here the pueblo – we’re a low key sporting bunch. But geez, they are pricey! No wonder you’re still wearing them how many years later???

    As for the Crocs, guilty as charged. Still, I’ve never met a hater that I haven’t been able to convert. One foot in and they sell themselves.

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