How the ·$#?!$&# do I get this kid to stop swearing?

We spent the weekend with our friends Alex and Oscar, and their kids Dani and baby Iris.

Alex is Austrian, Oscar’s Spanish.  When the baby was born they contracted a German au pair with the intention of reinforcing the kid’s  German and finally shaming Oscar into learning some.

The language results have been unexpected.  Oscar is practicing his English since it’s the only language he and Julia have in common.  Julia in turn is learning Spanish swearwords from Dani.

Oh yes, lots of language learning in this multi-lingual group.

I overheard a lot of fascinating truck driver two-year old conversation.

Yago added  Coño to his Spanish vocabulary,  (A crude reference to the female genitalia.)  Delighted with his new high-volume slogan, Yago was happy to reciprocate and teach Dani his perpetual favorite, Me cago in la puta  (I shit myself in the whore.)

The parents learned new ways to bite their tongues and I’m just glad Río and Iris aren’t talking yet.


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