O’ come, all ye criminals

Count down to Christmas always makes me a bit nostalgic.  I start thinking fondly of lights twinkling on snowy trees, skiing, and warming up afterwards with hot chocolate and friends that I miss.

Just today, when home-sickness set in thanks to Michael Buble,  I happened upon a little news articles about my home town, Prince George.  For the second year in a row McLean’s Magazine says it is Canada’s most dangerous city.

With a population of 73,000, PG boosts a crime severity index that’s 114 per cent of the national average and a homicide rate nearly five times the national average.  You have twice the odds of having your car stolen in Prince George than in the average Canadian city.

The chief of police responded with, “It’s an excellent community and a safe community to live in, if you’re not in that world of drugs, alcohol and violence.”

Gee, that’s a comfort.  Because crime is only a problem if it happens to you.

Suddenly Spain for Christmas doesn’t look so bad.  Until I look up Algeciras crime rates.


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