You know you are from Prince George when…

Isn’t it frightening amazing what you can find on YouTube?  Other people who miss bad weather, stinking pulp mills and more space in the fridge because the beer is outside.

Some other nostalgic Prince George native living oversees added this to cyber fodder.   Corny but true.

People don’t believe me when I tell them that we used to jump off the roof into the snow bank for fun.  Or that some years we couldn’t see out the windows.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

This definitely beats shoveling it yourself.

Snow.  So much fun in December.  Such a pain in the arse come March.



  1. Haha I remember this well! I have pictures from when we were kids walking along the top of the snow bank and right on to the roof of the car port. The snow that year almost covered the front windows. The mail lady would walk in front of the house and you would just see her feet at the top of the window 🙂

    Great memories Rea! I’m in Toronto and it was 12 degrees here yesterday. Definitely not the winters of our childhood that’s for sure.

  2. Having moved to Australia and now New Zealand 10 years ago I DO miss Prince George. Especially now at Christmas…I miss the snow, and Pine Centre Mall, and shopping at Hudson’s Bay and Costco. My first husband worked for Canfor and I miss those days when the kids were little and life seemed a bit simpler…

    Merry Christmas all!

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