Even better than bumper hitching, ski the clothes line.

When I get homesick I watch ski videos.  This one is a beauty.  It makes late winter British Columbia look slick and arty, not sloppy and slushy.

Jump ahead to 2:13 to pass the aesthetics and get straight to the action.

So maybe I don’t need snow to ski here in Algeciras.  Just rock skis and MUCH better skills.

Hey, BC folks, who can tell me where this was filmed?  It looks like Nelson, am I right?  Says right there, Trail, BC.

Next post is the big Christmas tree reveal!



  1. That was awesome Rae! I will have to find out what that song is called, I really liked it! I read your blog a lot through facebook and have loved every entry! Have a very Merry Christmas (even if you are a little homesick) and a Happy New Year. Minus 10 here this morning (P.G.) but sunny so everything is all sparkly!

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