Hanging out, decking the halls with dirty laundry.

I’m finally starting to get into the holiday spirit.  There is no rush in Spain.  My first Christmas here I happily dismantled the nativity scene on boxing day.  Rogelio was traumatized.

What are you doing!  We need  plastic baby Jesus around until the Kings come.” 

“The Kings?  When will those wise guys show up?”

“Not until January 6th.”

“The 6th of January?  I have to deal with tinsel until the 6th of January?  By that time Canadians have not only packed up the lights but have lost 5 pounds, quit smoking and started again.” 

Can you believe it?  Your kids will be back in school and we will still be scarfing bon-bons and holiday shopping.

I just can’t get into the traditional tree here, although you can buy them, potted or plastic.  It’s all kinds of wrong.   But we need something to put the gifts under.  Do you remember my tree from last year?

Here’s Version 2011.

A bit bell-shaped, lacking a stem, but it’s wood, right?

Yago, (who is attachment parenting his lion, Laurie), isn’t convinced.  He’s a nativity scene kind of guy.  Although he was more than happy to assist on the closet demolition.

Two more sleeps until Santa comes.  Seventeen more sleeps until I can hang up my clothes.



  1. We have a 9 foot fir tree in our living room! (Joanna)

    Steve is thinking about starting “the safe the Canadian children abroad association”. The first sponsor child under consideration is Yago. You can expect a live tree in the mail next year! We are taking collections NOW!

    1. Are you suggesting my children need saved from my crazy projects? I must start saving for their post Christmas tree trauma therapy. I don’t know how the mailmann will fit the tree in his scooter.

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