Jane Fonda and Dr. Suess’ love child

Disco Boxing Day advice from Río.

Eat lots.  Go outside.  Better yet, eat lots outside with friends.

And of course, wear leg warmers.  Because they never go out of style.  Especially with stripes.

Wearing leg warmers on an oversized mirror ball.  Now THAT’S how to spend Boxing Day.



  1. Rea

    We keep missing you on Skype. So we had to check the blog to find out what is happening. I love the Christmas tree – ladder, hangers, etc. You are amazingly creative. I think Sydney and Abby must have inherited some of the “Rea” genes. As we currently have a skim board which is a rock climbing wall and a Christmas ribbon which is a camping tent (with a small piece of clothe hung over the top). I’m so glad the leg warmers fit! And love love love the pink boots. We have a whole pile of pink shoes – do you want any??? Missing you lots and lots

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