Move over Bam-Bam, there’s a new cave-baby in Bedrock

A few relatives of mine, (second children themselves) have commented that Río gets little airtime on this blog.  They fear his therapy bill is mounting since his older brother enjoys more exploitation attention in cyber space.  True enough.

So here’s one for the relatives.

Río outright refuses to eat anything pureed.  On a few occasions I have snuck a micro-spoonful of sweet potato in there, but that’s it.   No fruits, no veggies, no cereals of any kind.  He has survived almost ten months on breast milk and finger food, (which is perfectly healthy by the way.)

This is the only way he will eat.

This kid is destined to be a gourmet, or a caveman.

He locks down at the sight of rice cereal.  The lips seal in the presence of mushy pears.  But give him a hunk of something yummy and he goes to town.

And don’t think that he just sucked the juice off that chicken leg.  By the end the bone was cleaner than his face, but that’s not saying much.

Did I mention that this was breakfast?

Video below rated G for grandparents.



  1. I think the only ones who are going to need counselling are us! When our beautiful boys leave home. Nice singing Yago! I wonder what language the boys will speak to each other.

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