“On the 564th day of Christmas, the Crapper said to me”

Here we are, well into 2012.  The decorations are down, the last of the tinsel vacuumed up.  The last Ferrer Roche has been gobbled and the fridge is stocked with beans and brown rice.


Hell no.  Over in Spain I still have to look at this.

No offense, baby Jesus, but I’ve seen enough of yo’ ass.  I need a change of nativity scene, so to speak.

Granted, our nativity scene saw a lot of action, but even Yago is bored with it now.

As nativity scenes go around here, ours was tiny, but it still occupied an entire table, plus compliments of Lego and Playmobile for over a month.  But I can’t complain.  Check out our friend, Fede’s.

His wife had to park on the street for a month while baby Jesus took over the garage.

This is the Algeciras municipal nativity scene.  Thanks to the crisis, it was significantly scaled down this year.

But they couldn’t do without “El Cagon.”  That’s right, “The Pooer”.  You can’t have a Spanish nativity scene without some guy taking a crap behind the stable.

And dude, I’ve seen enough of yo’ ass too.



  1. I’m still reeling over the garage filled nativity scene and then I see the “pooer”. Really now! LOL hahaha and a fare de well. (not for nothing but does it not look like the pooer is actually pooing on his waist band???)

  2. Stumbled across your blog. I’m an expat in Madrid. And dang woman, you. are. so. right. feel like I’m in the Christmas version of the movie “Groundhog Day.” Then to top it off my girls got Scarletina and missed the first week back to school after break. I was about ready to stick a fork in my eye. But at least Baby Jesus wasn’t there to see it! 😉

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