Those walking blues

Yago:  “Ya baby!  These winter beach days are the bomb!  Shades on, sand between the toes.  Pay attention kid, this is the life.”

Río:  “Whatever you say, bro.  I don’t have a clue what’s happening, but I’m your man.  So what’s the program?  Sand eating?  Shovel throwing?  General skin exfoliation?”

Río:  “Or how about I walk over there and bonk you on the head with this rake?”

Río:  “Dang, I haven’t really gotten the hang of this walking thing yet.”

Yago:  “You’re pulling a John Wayne, kid.  Get those legs together.  Look, this walking stuff is just physics.  Don’t sweat the low center of gravity, your ass is hardly off the ground.  Now.  Lower you leg-lever-length to weight ratio, maximize toe thrust and stick your tongue out.  That fine tunes the balance.


“Sigh…  Kids these days.  Never listen to the voice of authority and reason.”

F**k your toe thrust.  With my 4×4 speed I’ll hit the water before anyone catches me.”



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