Shop local, think new upholstery

I don’t have to walk more than 200 meters from my house to buy everything a person could need for day-to-day survival.  There are two small grocery stores, butchers, fish shops, multiple fruit/veggie stands, bakeries, banks and junky “dollar stores”  full of all the plastic nick knacks a person could ever desire.  This commercial bounty is all closer to my house than the garage where we park our car.

But once in a while I feel the need to drop some cash in a larger, one-stop-shop type of grocery store. Sometimes I crave a more anonymous and efficient experience.  The flourescent lights and generic design are a relief from gossiping with the neighbours while waiting half an hour for the local fruit guy to sell me 4 pears.   It’s telling when you find benches in the butcher shop.  They are prepared for you to wait, so you better be as well.

Luckily, I don’t have to travel far to reach a large grocery store either.  It’s perhaps a 500 meter walk, cross-country.  But if you get tired, there is plenty of seating as well.

500 meters of garbage, or a lovely place to curl up and enjoy Algeciras green space.  Depends on your point of view.

It’s also the local discount copper wire source.  Ah, European living.  We really do have it all close to home.



  1. Hi

    I wouldn’t call Algeciras European. I would call it Andalucia, that names all. Outside Andalucia, especially outside the Algeciras/LL area is Europe. Algeciras and LL are probably best described as very special areas. Don’t you think?



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