Local career options

I’ve been thinking about an eventual re-entry into the work world.  My timing couldn’t be worse.

The Algeciras area apparently has one of the worst unemployment rates in Europe.  The crisis is evident.   Businesses are closing, for sale signs are mounting, and the bands of young men with nothing to do multiply.  Yet money is obviously still moving in the streets.  Opportunities do exist.

A critical assessment of my skills suggests I should capitalize on my position as a foreigner.  The import-export industry always presents opportunities in today’s global economy.   I live at the intersection of two continents. Entrepreneurs do well here.  Importation from Morocco is particularly lucrative.

However,  786 people found their pharmacutical-importation careers  cut short by the police last year.

786 arrested.  Is that bad?  I wonder what the success rate is?  Or maybe I could sell cupcakes.


One comment

  1. You could find a career path which bridges the two. How about “special” brownies? Or, another way to look at the arrests is that now there are a number of openings!

    Personally, I think the cupcakes idea would be the sweeter deal. 🙂

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