Career Options, part 2

Chicken farmer.  If the special brownie business doesn’t take off I’m considering chickens.

Can’t you picture me cruising in a brand new Audi?  Cruising in a brand new Audi with two car seats and a chicken?  Because that is what chicken farmers in my neighbourhood do.

When the black Audis congregate next door the feathers start flying.   Even I am not stupid enough to snap pics of the local cock fights.  That certainly wouldn’t endear me to the neighbours.  We are annoying enough as we wander by, with Yago pointing and yelling,

“Mommy, what are those chickens doing?  Mommy, why does that man have a chicken in his car?  Mommy, why don’t we have a chicken in our car?  Mommy, can I have a chicken too?”

  • company car (black Audi, tinted windows)
  • flexible hours
  • social atmosphere
  • low initial capital investment

Plus, a chicken in the car might actually eat all the crumbs under the carseats.  Cock-fighting chickens.  Yes, this is starting to sound like the perfect Mom-prenuear opportunity.

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