Career Options, part 3

Those chickens got me thinking.  Food security is the buzzword these days.  Green roofs, community gardens; people are finally integrating food production into the city landscape.

Thinking.  It’s been awhile.  The smoke starts coming out of my ears.

What could a Mom do in Spain to make some money?  What kind of professional work would interest me while enriching my community?  How can I engage in the sustainability debate while feeding my family?

Empty spaces like this one behind the playground are resources just waiting to be exploited.  Surely this patch of weeds has a higher productivity than its current use as the neighbourhood dog toilet.

I know!  Livestock!  Why don’t we raise animals right here in the city!    Beef, lamb, poultry;  I could produce food right here in my neighbourhood.  I could be the first urban rancher!

I will start the urban grazing revolution.  Then it will be nothing but television interviews, book deals and reality TV spots.  Ultimately, I’ll franchise of course.

Hey!  That isn’t a dog.

Damn.  The guy raising a sheep in his garage beat me too it.  I always was a late adopter.



  1. lol…I find men who keep sheep in apartments highly suspect… Good luck with the thinking though, hope you come up with something enjoyable and lucrative.

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