Hoarders: Algeciras edition

I don’t have a TV.  Now, before you assume I’m all virtuous and intellectual, I’ll disclose the obvious.  My time suck is lurking about the internet.

When we go to Canada in the summer I indulge my channel surfing monkey mind and catch up on TV culture.  Things have changed significantly since I left Canada 7 years ago.  The lifestyle channels used to be full of painting and  decorating shows.  Now its all about HOARDERS.

Have you seen this?  It’s gripping stuff.  Consumerism gone pathological.  Who knew people hoarded STUFF to this extreme.  Then the smell alerts  neighbours, who phone the fire department, their kids drag in a psychologist and soon I’m sprawled on some relative’s sofa gawking at garbage and rat shit where a kitchen table should be.

Really.  How do people live like this?

At least in MY living room the hoarder leaves a space to sit amongst his treasures.

The most alarming thing about this photo is the fluffy pink toilet seat cover.

Honestly, bathroom accessories should be blue.



  1. LOL! much needed laugh(gulp) as I look at my sick bed full of papers, tissues and cold medicine products..yikes perhaps I’m the Malaga edition.

  2. I know what you mean about it being a version of ‘consumerism gone pathological.’ Seriously, at what point does the hoarder break down and say, “Yeah, I think I’ve got a problem here.” Is it before or after the rats die?

    Oh and yes, I must agree on the pink toilet cover. It was the first thing that caught my eye. LOL~!

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