I Love Lucy

“Oh Lucy.  Her beauty is so intimidating.  Would she be my Valentine if I worked up the courage to ask her?  I think I’ll pick  my teeth with this spoon a tad longer and hope she makes the first move.” 

“Oh Yago, I’m giving you every opportunity to be charming.  Note my approachable look; downcast eyes, mild demeanour.   It’s just an act, but social skills are not his forte.  Perhaps Toastmasters could help him.  Cute, but not much of a conversationalist.   But really, screw the small talk.  A girl should just club him over the head and drag him back to the cave by his hair.  Except for that unfortunate buzz cut.” 

Oh Lucy, how can I demonstrate my undying respect for you?  It’s not your silken locks or chubby butt that send my heart a pitter-patter.  It’s your intellect.  Your soulful interpretation of life’s mystery.  Fridge magnet alphabet letters cannot express the depth of my affection.  I love you more than Hello Kitty.  How can I make you understand?”

“Hey Lucy.  How do you like me now?” 

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