I’ve been in Spain WAYYYYY to long.

We had to move Yago’s birthday party indoors.  The threat of a shower scared us off the skatepark.

I was being a prudent, responsible Spanish Mom.  After all, the kids in my neighbourhood haven’t been allowed outside for weeks because it is only 12 degrees out.  With a wind!

(Batten down the hatches and stock up on antibiotics.)

Then my cousin in Canada sent me some photos of her kids at a birthday party.  And I realized that I HAVE BECOME A WIMP.

-7 is the perfect temperature for a skating picnic party.  But more shocking than the cold, these kids are eating vegetables!  Unheard of around these parts.  The last Spanish birthday party we went to, I scanned a buffet for fifty people and found one sandwich which had some green onion sprinkled on cream cheese.  It was the only thing resembling real food in a sea of potato chips, chocolate bars and store-bought cookies.  As Yago lifted it to his lips one of the grandmothers gasped and yelled, “Don’t eat that!  It has vegetables in it!”

This is how Canadians celebrate winter birthdays.   Strap knives to your toddlers’ feet and send them out in the frigid cold to bonk their heads on the ice.  What the hell, they’ve got helmets on.

The next person who complains that my kids will perish in the Andalusian winter gets a snowball to the side of the head!



  1. You are so witty, oh so witty! Also happy birthday to you!! We thought about you as we celebrated with our “feet knives”, vegetables and frigid weather.

  2. I couldn’t help but laugh over this. I live in Southern California, and having lived my early years in blizzards and places where 6 feet of snow is nothing to whine about (NY, Co, Chicago to name a few), I can sooooo relate. I whine if it is 65 F and cry if I have to put a sweater on in the house. But, I do eat lots of vegies!

  3. It is so funny. Reading the first few lines of your post I thought…what is she complaining about…and read more ! I live in Canada but I am from Europe and I have been freezing.
    My mum suggested me to go for walks with the baby – I had to remind her where I lived and why I didn’t feel like going out for walks when it is below zero !

    I find that eating healthy is broadly advertised here but at the same time, there are all kind of unhealthy things I had never heard of before…I do love how they offer vegetables for snacks at daycare though.

  4. that’s funny. I am from Spain, living in Canada and I feel like being in a “Birthday” party everyday…no vegetables at all, fruit so expensive….but chips, deep cheese, chocolates and all of this “birthday food” that you wish in your special day…is there every single day!!
    I am happy to learn that in Canada is the other side around: vegetable for special parties, chips and chocolates for daily bases…..definitively I need to come back to Barcelona!
    About th weather…nothing to say! 🙂

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