If you read this blog you know how I love to complain about Spain and romanticize about Canada.  It’s the type of sport you can practice without leaving the sofa or putting down your wine.  Or is that whine?

I often complain that our house in Algeciras is too small.  We’ve been wanting more space for the boys and all the paraphernalia that goes with family life.  So you know what we did?

We moved into a new place about half the size of our Algeciras apartment.  It’s tiny.  Two bedrooms, no oven, filled with trinkets, and SMALL.  But I’ll show you the route to my new front yard.  Because as they say in the real estate business, there are only three important things about a property;

1.  Location,

2.  Location

And 3.  Location.



  1. Wow that is so beautiful! And what a gorgeous little girl – I love to see red headed babies. I was one once and of course couldn’t appreciate it when I was young but the more of us there are the better! Glad your move has been a happy one and best wishes for selling the old place.

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