Happy Birthday Río

I’m feeling sentimental.  A year ago I was tucked in my bed snuggling a newborn.  Today I am chasing a one year old, as he in turn chases his brother.

“Oh Dude.  You just put out that candle with your bare hand.  Impressive.” 

My baby days are officially over.  Instead of quiet, helpless infants I have walking, talking, going concerns.

Those precious baby days are counted from birth.  Every moment that passes is one less in which Mom is center of the universe.  Every day they discover more and need me less.  And every day I discover how much I love them.

Río (or river in English) as life.  Always there, springing from nowhere and everywhere.  Río, ever flowing, never stopping.  A tiny flow of water that can carve through a mountain.  That’s my Río.

I’m supposed to be telling you about Tarifa.  I have tons to report, but I’ve got babies on my mind.  So I’ll leave you with an image.

This is Santa Catalina Castle in Tarifa.  I went there today in homage of a special little baby who doesn’t even know that there is a castle named after her.

Soon I’ll tell you about Santa Catalina Castle, Tarifa, and the impressive stream of vomit that has kept me from blogging lately.  But in the mean time, Happy Birthday Río and  a shout out to baby Catalina, her Mom and Dad, and a very special big sister.

Babies rock.



  1. Just caught up on nearly a years worth of your posts (because that’s how long since I posted on mine!)
    You still make me laugh out loud…and it’s even funnier now I don’t live in Spain any more ;o)
    Happy birthday and feliz cumpleaños to your little one.

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