The wind beneath my wings: Here come the fart jokes.


The southern tip of Europe, kite surf Mecca and our new home.  Life is a beach in Tarifa.

Yup, sand everywhere.  The boys love anything that involves dirt and a shovel and I get an exfoliation treatment if I crawl into bed with them.  But the super sized sandbox isn’t the only draw.

The geeky geographer in me loves the location.  Tarifa is at the junction of many worlds.  Where Europe meets Africa and where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea.  East-west, north-south, I feel like I am standing at the junction of history and possibility.

This is what I see from my patio.  That is Tangiers, Morocco.  As in all the bloody way over there in Africa.  As in, not a hockey stick as far as the eye can see.  Instead, I can just make out the spire of the Mosque while laying in my bed.

And some woman over on the black continent is laying in her bed, gazing across at my lights and wondering about my life.  Does my head in.

A more relaxed, active, outdoor lifestyle was what drew us to Tarifa.

“Papi, why are we eating breakfast outside in the cold!”

“Because excessive frost bite has damaged your Mother’s temperature perception and reasoning ability”

“I heard that, you whiny bunch of Spanish men!  Now stop shivering and eat your maple syrup!”

Canadians may be insignificant on the world political stage, shockingly uninformed culturally, and mild-mannered, bordering on dull, but we can rightfully claim expertise in one area relevant to Tarifa.  Toques.

This isn’t a kite surf hot spot for nothing.  The wind blows and blows.  Looking cool in a toque is key to social success in Tarifa.  A nice change from 4 inch radius silver hoop earrings and nylons with shorts.

Tarifa is tiny, about 10,000 people all packed into an old walled village with a few new beach apartments tacked on the side.  It’s quaint.  If you look to the hills behind you won’t be disappointed either.

It’s easy to get out and smell the roses.

Wearing a toque of course.

So the winds of change are blowing.  We only have housing lined up until June.  We have no idea how to finance the long list of experiences we hope to have here.  But we are here!

This blog was my outlet to whine about life in Algeciras.  Without my neighbourhood shenanigans I’ve got bloggers block.  Apparently my creativity springs from discontent and sarcasm.  I’m not sure what to do with happiness.

But it’s good to be back!



  1. Great to hear more, and to hear and see that it is so beautiful there. As for what to write about, cataloguing the wondrous outdoors with pictures seems like a good start! There seems to be plenty to do around where you are now, and it would be great to know more about the area. And, of course having cute kids in the shots never hurts either!

  2. We love your pictures. Thank you so much for the postcard. We love the kites very much. They are very colourful. I want to fly a kite like that one day. Can you please put up some pictures of your house, outside and inside, I would like to see where Yago and Rio sleep. Love Abby (typed by Mom)

  3. Nice to have you back! Even if you have bloggers block, keep up the posting – I really enjoy your corner of the world, your insights, and especially your humor.

  4. Beautiful ~ makes me want to drive down for a visit. I too would be in awe of watching the twinkling lights of another continent across the water ~ awesome!
    I’ve been checking every day to see when you’d be back ~ you’ve been missed!

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