The Commute

The down side of moving to Tarifa is that Rogelio is now a commuter.  In Algeciras we lived a 3 minute sprint from his school.  Now he has an 18 km drive.

But don’t feel sorry for him.  It’s not go-stop city traffic, it’s a curvy mountain highway with a spectacular view of the Straight of Gibraltar.  The trouble is keeping your eyes on the road.

Although locals and tourists alike are magnetically drawn to the water, the hills behind are worth exploring.  But to appreciate the countryside, you have to get out of the car.  The 40km back route by bike provides ample time to take in the sights.

Even less traffic here.

Every up and down gives a different perspective on the various valleys and a chance to burn your quads.

On a clear day you can see the Rif Mountains poking out of  Morocco.

Of course there are hundreds of windmills on both sides of the water.

I’ve driven over this bridge a zillion times but with distance you can appreciate the stone arches.

White beaches,  sand dunes, kites, yada yada…

And The Straight’s military legacy is never far.

Then it’s all downhill back to Tarifa.

The commuter looks pretty happy.  No road rage.  Lots of sweat though.  Probably needs a beer.

However I suspect he’ll take the car on Monday.


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