The rain in Spain falls mainly on long weekends

We had such amazing weather this winter.  Blue skies and sunshine day after day after day.

Then the spring vacay season started.  Easter week?  Nothing but rain. May 1st long weekend?  Hope you brought your galoshes.   Apparently you couldn’t get a room in Tarifa.  Packed solid.  I wouldn’t know, we didn’t leave the house much.

That’s a dark angry sky.  Right pissed off I’d say.

“Run for the hills, I don’t want to get my jammies wet.”

Rainy long weekends suck in a tourist town.  The restaurants are packed with grumpy folks, slurping coffee and wondering what to do with themselves.

Then a patch of blue s blows in and the crowds venture out, only to scamper away again with the next shower.

And others just find a patch of dirt and hunker down.

But as they say, April showers bring May flowers.

So we drank tea, read books, and did a lot of Lego.

Now the holiday is over, the tourists gone, the sun is out and I’m off to the beach!

Now we can start to complain about the heat!

One comment

  1. It never rained like this in Iowa. We were miserable here too. And I think worse than the rain are the 200 loads of laundry that are waiting for a shot at space on one of the two drying racks. Oh, how I miss my dryer!

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