Happy Anniversary

Rogelio and I were married 6 years ago today.

Do you know where we got married?  Tarifa!

That is what convinced us that living here was the right move.  Tarifa has always brought us good things.

It’s funny to look back at the photos.  Six years, two kids and the usual ups and downs later, it seems like a long time ago. We look so young and naive.

Now we have more grey hair and more wrinkles, on the skin and the clothes.  The last thing I ever ironed were those white pants.

We walked down this same street this morning. But instead of a small purse with lipstick and a credit card I was armed with diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer and enough rice cakes for any urban emergency.

Funny, but we have both lost weight since forming our family.  That’s toddler wrangling for you.

We talked about some kind of romantic celebration.  Just the two of us, clean clothes, nice food, good music.  We ended up with our favorite takeout, beer out of a can, and two small people wiping hot chili sauce in their hair.

We reminisced over these photos, while serenaded by a chorus of  “Mommy, I did a poo, wipe my bum, wipe my bum, WIPE MY BUM!”  While the grumpy back-up band , who is fighting three molars, bashed cars against the bathroom door.

Happy Anniversary Rogelio.  Maybe next year we’ll get that beer into a glass.




  1. 6 years …. WOW.. time zips right along, eh!! Congrats and love to all of you. coming to the island this year??

  2. Congrats to you both! If you ever end up traversing the Canadian prairies, stop in and we will toast you in person!

  3. Happy anniversary to you both! Perhaps not the cliched romantic day, but still it sounds like you all had a wonderful celebration of what the last 6 years has brought you!

  4. Congratulations! Sweet story, and I love the photos. With two toddlers I’m guessing that you don’t even wear white any more, let alone iron it. 😉 Well, I hope you’ll celebrate many more anniversaries in the years to come. Don’t worry, in no time, your kids will be older and you’ll have the chance to do it in a more dignified manner…but at the same time, you’ll look back on these celebrations with the kids, and you’ll miss them.

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