In Algeciras, we were surrounded by Antonios.  This was handy for people who have trouble remembering names.  Yell out “Antonio” to any male resident of our building and you had 50-50 odds of being correct.

In Tarifa, put your money on Manolo.

Our complex has an awesome maintenance man.  His name is Manolo.  Manolo has an assistant.  His name is Manolo.

Yago LOVES Manolo.  He has hoses and power washers and paint brushes and all manner of apparatus that little boys love.  You don’t need TV if you have a Manolo.  Everyone should have a couple Manolos.

“Yes sirie bob, I love work.  I could watch it all day.  Looking good over there Manolo.  And Manolo.  What should I call you two?  Maybe Manolo 1 and Manolo2?  That’s how Dr. Seuss solved the issue in Cat In the Hat.  Thing One and Thing Two.  So, one needs to be Manolo 1, and since your name is Manolo too, you can be Manolo 2.  Get it?  Get it?”

“I think I hear your Mother calling you, kid”

“Nah, she’s busy stalking someone on Facebook.  Besides, I think my management skills are required here.

“Although I  do appreciate manual labor, Manolo.  And Manolo.  But I’ve been studying the angles of those last tiles you laid and  according to my calculations you forgot to compensate for today’s UV index.  I’d add some glitter glue to that grout if I were you.  And if I were you, my name could be Manolo too.  Or three!”

“Look kid!  There is a rhinoceros climbing that palm tree!”

“I’m afraid you must be mistaken Manolo 1. Rhinoceros are kneeless ungulates and thus incapable of climbing palm trees.   Don’t be shy with the elbow grease there, Manolo 2. “

“The kid is killing me.  I’m making a run for it.  Hey Manolo 2 call your cousin Manolo, the deaf one, and see if he’ll take over this job. “

“Please boss, don’t leave me with the kid.  My ears are going to fall off.”

“Wait Manolo 1!  I didn’t show you my Lego power washer ,complete with oscillating power train, that I made in your honor. Manolo 1, come back!”



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