I’m too sexy for my dress

“Look at me!”

“SPF 40 shirt, fleece toque, sunglasses and rubber boots. Am I working it or what.”

“Looking good in a skirt isn’t enough, Río.  In this climate a fellow must be prepared for any weather or fashion eventuality. Except pants.”

“Wow, bro.  I wish I had your creative hand with safety accessories.  I dressed in anticipation of a more formal affair.  Perhaps I should have gone cocktail instead of floor length with this brim.”

“Safety first, I always say there, Mr. Ear flaps.  Puddles, snow storms, a run in your stockings.  Danger may be lurking behind any sand dune. “

“Danger?  Really?  Or perhaps an event worthy of this ball gown off in the distance?”

“No, it’s a small crustacean!  Careful Río, such creatures could ruin your pedicure.”

“No, not my twinkle toes!   Every skirt wearing man for himself, Bro.”

“Run, penguin man, run.  However, I applied top coat so BRING IT!”



  1. With their fair skin, its good they cover up….and heck whats wrong with “variety”….isn’t it the spice of life? Still think wee Rio looks like one of the Chipmunks!! too cute!!! Maybe Yago, is simply following his part Scottish background.

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