Wednesday lunch – or- how NOT to style a food blog.

Having a patio has brought out the inner BBQ man in Rogelio.  And flaming testosterone has brought some welcome new additions to our weekly menu.  We live in the land of seafood specials.  Our version is “Special”, like when you do air quotation marks beside your ears kind of special.

First, any dining al fresco requires a fabulous setting.  It’s amazing how I have learned to edit out the neighbours’ laundry and the school basketball net between my dining table and the beach.

Next, you need quality raw ingredients.  That is the key to fine European dining.  However, I didn’t notice anyone washing their hands before pawing the seafood.

Sardines!  I was busy prettying up plates for the photos and documenting the whole process and suddenly there were kids falling off chairs and fish on the floor, cue the screaming tantrum, SHIT IS ON FIRE, get the hose, and damn, I forgot where I put my beer.

Mouth watering, isn’t it.  It’s all about presentation.  (And the flame surely sanitized any minor exceptions to the 3 second rule.)

Back to styling the plates for the blog.  Río has a light hand with the garnish.

Nobody minds if he sucks the lemon first, do they?

Not around here.

The second course consisted of squid of various descriptions.  They saw of shift on the patio floor too.  Slippery little buggers.  Should we flame sanitize them?  Hell ya, and get BBQ man another beer.

Awesome with a squeeze of that well-travelled lemon.  Or a chaser of boob.

And after a long shift over the hot flames, BBQ man finally sits down to enjoy his fine European dining experience, oblivious to the wake of destruction at his feet.

Some call it chaos, we call it lunch.



  1. Love the squid eating breastfeeding photo….wonderful!! maybe you ought to inspire a reality tv show like the broad that stuck her tit out for her 6 year old on the cover of Time was it?

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