Start your morning with a bang and a bull

San Fermin.  It’s a huge festival in Pamplona, but the part that everyone has heard of is “The Running of the Bulls”    Rogelio is a fan.  He is glued to the TV or computer every morning at 8:00am to watch it live with official commentary.

Here is the unofficial commentary:

“Papi, why are all those people running?  Why are those bulls so big?  Why are they all wearing white?  Why are they carrying newspapers? ”

“….Wow, beautiful technique, nice running, oh, did you see that fellow flick his newspaper?  Perfect, clean lines, BLOODY FOREIGNER GET OUT OF THE WAY, oh, great technique, he’s a professional, see how he just brushed the horns, GET OFF THE STREET STUPID FOREIGNER, wow, can’t wait to see the replay of that corner….”

“Dog.  Dog.  Dog. Dog. Dog.”

My favorite part of the official TV version is the interview with the hospital representative after every run.

I hope you enjoyed your morning jog today!


  1. LOL, what terrifying entertainment! Can see why the kids were confused. Will be adding you to my blogroll and if you would like me to add you to my profile let me know and I’ll send you the (short!) questionnaire 🙂

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