They’re Back!

We’re back!  The Canadigaditano family is back to haunt  your internet.    It’s been a slow start this fall, technologically speaking. In other words, we’re trying to get by without bucking up cash for internet and I need a microscope to see this screen.

I thought the blog might have died.  So might have you.  But it turns out I can’t stop myself from saying stupid things on the internet.  I suppose there is now a term for my condition.   I’ll have to google it to find a treatment.

We’re back from Canada and Tarifa hasn’t changed; it’s still beautiful, windy and full of dog crap.  The tourists have high tailed it home and just the toque wearing locals remain.

It’s nice to see all the familiar faces.  But we hardly recognized Manolo.

Manolo generally doesn’t bring his horse to clean the pool.  But since he was in the area and his ride was thirsty, he stopped by the showers to get a bucket of water for the herd.

Hmmmm.  Manolo is wearing tight pants and a fancy hat.  Something must be ahoof in Tarifa.

I wonder where he is going?

Stay tuned folks.  I promise I’ll be back.



  1. Welcome back, and great to hear more from you. My suspicion about your condition is that it is called “blogger” 🙂

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