Like a Virgin

So, what is all the fuss with the horses and the polka dots?

What is everyone gathering to see?  It must be a huge draw.

Maybe the Beastie Boys?  Van Halen circa David Lee Roth?  Hell no.

It’s Madonna!

Ñot in the flesh.

If a bunch of folks gather with polka dots and horses, good chances there will be some Catholic paraphernalia to create a fervor.

Ho hum.  That’s just Jesus.  Fish and bread?  Yada yada.  Resurrection?  Child’s play.

But,here come the main event.  Holy hymen horsemen, it’s the virgin!

 And the crowd goes wild, holding their Bic lighters in the air.

That’s one thing that Spanish culture gets right.  Celebrate the Mom.


One comment

  1. Hi Rea! It’s Jacqueline. I’ve been following your Not So Spanish for years and just figured how to say hello. My daughter Leona showed me how just now, at the same time she is now an exuberant, excited, but not excommunicated follow er of your blog. Hey girl I think of you and send you bushels of Canadian Love. From Rappin’ Granny.

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