Hey eggplant ass.

Peanut Butter?

Hell No.


I love my weekly local veggie box.  And only 8 euros!  Every Tuesday the kids and I dig through the greenery to plan our weekly menu.  It’s always a surprise.  It’s sometimes mind boggling.

2 kilos of eggplant?  2 kilos of mini green peppers?

Being from the backwoods of northern Canada, eggplant oversupply is not a problem I have much experience with.  I lost my virginity before I found my first eggplant.  There are plenty of eggplant recipes, but taking direction is not my strong suit either.

I tend to wing it.

But if you have an eggplant/pepper oversupply problem I recommend forgetting them on the barbie while enjoying a glass of wine with the hubby. Blend up the ugly black results with lots of garlic, some lemon and salt.  Add your favorite, slightly dodgy looking stimulant beverage and VOILA, breakfast and garlic breath.

Take that, vampires.

Looks like peanut butter, but tastes like…

Dunno.  But at least I don’t have to eat the lard.


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