Little brown thumbs

I’ve never had more excuses NOT to have a garden:

  • Tarifa has wicked winds that can rip little plants right out of the dirt.
  • We don’t have any dirt.  As is common in Spain, anything possibly green and dirty in our yard has been tiled over.
  • We rent.  It’s hard to justify spending time and energy on improvements to someone else’s tiled over yard.
  • We only rent this house 10 months of the year.  We have to pack up everything we own, move out for July and August, live out a suitcase, then move it all back again in September.  Including the garden.
  • I live with two small animals who destroy everything in their path.

Yet, where there is a will, there is a garden.

Look at all that green!  Edible green!

Since we don’t actually live anywhere in prime gardening months, we are sticking to fast growing greens.  I’m an instant gratification type gardener.

It’s a multi-cultural garden.  We have the typical greens from around here, (chard, spinach, lettuce, parsley, cilantro), then some you don’t find here but you do in Galicia, (col gallega, nabizas), then I brought some seeds from Canada like kale and some yummy Asian greens,(Bok Choi and Yu Choi Sum).  Plus mustard, collard, radishes and I don’t even remember what else we dumped in there.

To protect them from the wind we came up with this low little greenhouse.  It turns out I don’t need to protect them from Río.  He’s the chief gardener.  Yago is more interested in engineering the green house structure.

It’s not much, I know.  But for a portable garden it does the trick.  And those yummy little greens taste extra good when you know they’ve been handled by dirty little hands.


One comment

  1. Awesome!!! it always truly amazes me what a person can grow in containers with a little love . I think your “garden” is spectacular!!

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