Sticking around the Christmas tree – 2012

Christmas tradition time!   Here we go,  the third annual wonky Christmas tree extravaganza at the Santos-Fraser household.

I’ll remind you of previous entries.



Low tech, efficient, portable.



Perfect for encouraging a closet clean-out.

But this year the kids are older and we have new needs to fill. Banging for example. We are always in need of appropriate opportunities to bang that begeezes out of something. Sticks are also popular. And we  mustn’t forget the perennial toddler favorite, picking garbage treasures off the beach.  So we went beach combing for Christmas tree ingredients.

Cheaper than Walmart!


There was heated debate over how many sticks we could haul home on our bikes  the attributes of various components.


But I did all this just for the boys.  I didn’t have any fun at all.


Tada!  This is what we came up with.

Pros:  no needles to vacuum.

Cons:  no evergreen fresh smell.  Whatever.  I’ll buy an air freshener.

I put it outside for a week to annoy the neighbours, so the whole complex could enjoy our work.


Then we moved it to the patio to decorate it.

How long until one of those monkeys climbs it?



  1. Love it Rea! Now that you have constructed your version I can proceed to snap together the 3 piece pre-lit fabrication that dons our livingroom each year. I am pretty sure your adventure to the beach was far more fun that the adventure I will have digging mine out of the garage! Merry Christmas to you, Rogelio, and your gorgeous boys!

  2. LOVE THIS…as well as how your posts continue to make me laugh hilariously. If I didn’t love Christmas as much as I do, I’d consider following suit…maybe, though, maybe just one day I will…Thanks!!

  3. Loved this! You are so funny and the tree that year was so creative. My partner hates the idea of having a ‘proper’ tree so we had a plastic one which I hate. Next year – I’ll do something more outrageous. Yes and put it outside to annoy the neighbours.
    But what did you have Xmas 2014?

    Kate x

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