The Nativity Garage

Have you read the Pope’s new book?  Since I have never understood the Spanish nativity scene fascination I might have to give it a read.  Apparently he clears up big misconceptions regarding the nativity scene.

We’ve had it all wrong about the donkey.  There were no donkeys gazing lovingly at baby Jesus during the real deal.  So if your family prefers a realistic interpretation of the nativity, put your plastic animals back in the garage.

But a shout out to my Spanish family, I was excited to hear that the three wise men came from Andalusia!  How they managed to travel from Spain to Bethlehem on camels is unclear; obviously I need to read the whole book.

In what chapter does he discuss the Vatican’s official position on Hot Wheels?


We’re on form with official donkey doctrine.  Our donkey was crowded out by a Playmobile bus.  All the parking spots near the manger were already taken.


Baby Jesus has been stuffed under the sofa since this photo was taken.  Does the Pope really understand the ramifications of new nativity scene protocol?  Because this is what happens when three wise guys from Andalusia show up at your nativity scene.



  1. This seems the more practical and hands on side of the nativity scene. Perhaps the pope has published what is more a “theory” than a strict rule to implement. I suspect when tested in practice throughout homes world wide, will be refined to include the finer points. Such as, who gets the best parking spots? Are station-wagons really permitted to park that close. And most important of all, how does the tow-truck get in to save that car that’s flipped over! I’m sure more analysis will be conducted. 🙂

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