I’m back!

Happy Halloween.

Not So Spanish just won’t die.  This blog is rising from the dead in time for trick ó treat.

The school said the kids could dress up for Halloween.  The instructions said, “something scary”.

So they went as Spanish construction workers.  (Minus the ever-present cigarette).  Spanish construction workers scare the crap out of me everytime they enter the house.

This blog is in the middle of a messy remodel.  It could be months, I’m on Spanish time of course.  But I’m looking forward to clogging up your newsfeed again.



  1. Rea
    So glad you’re back!Two days ago I tried a couple of old blogs to see if they would magically resurrect …..and today here you are!
    Jacqueline sends love and admiration for el torro moose…We are in Ecuador boning up on Spanish…Ha ha..
    Big hugs

  2. Your blog is hilarious, so this is awesome news! I subscribed a few weeks ago, hoping you’d post again even though it had been awhile. My family’s Spanish side is exactly like what I read on this blog, which of course is nothing like Canadian culture ( I should know, having grown up in Canada). So yeah, the clash of these two cultures is basically a really fun disaster. Thanks for coming back!

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